I produce multimedia content, communications and graphic design as a freelancer for a variety of organisations working toward social justice and sustainability.


The Immigrant Story

I run the social media accounts of Portland-based art/activism storytelling organisation The Immigrant Story, posting daily with a range of photographs, graphics and videos, including short subtitled animations produced in AfterEffects. Since I took over these pages in December 2020 our Instagram reach has increased 234%.


Wingham Farms

I handle communications and social media for this small farm committed to sustainable, ethical, environmentally responsible practices. I write and distribute a monthly newsletter, and promote the farm’s practices and philosophy using their social media accounts. The newsletter has an outstanding open and click rate among comparable businesses, and in the months since I took over the farm’s communications they have seen a significant uptick in contacts initiated by customers who want to subscribe to their CSAs and herd shares, allowing the farmers to spend more time farming!

Yale School of the Environment

I produce short, engaging video clips using AfterEffects for the school to use as part of their communications strategy; these include images, titling, audio and animated subtitles to optimise accessibility and engagement.

Custom logo and design work for Sylvatica Tree Specialist LLC

I developed a range of logos and branding materials for this small business, and produced a range of printed and promotional materials for them.

The Royal Institution

I produced multimedia communications assets for the Royal Institution, a science communication charity in London (and the place where Faraday did his work!)