Peer-reviewed Journals

“Mathematics, Relevance Theory and the Situated Cognition Paradigm.” Pragmatics & Cognition 29, no. 1 (December 31, 2022): 59–81.

The Aesthetics of Theory Selection and the Logics of Art”, co-authored with Ian O’Loughlin, Philosophy of Science, 2019

“Cognition, emphasis, and the viewer’s experience of fine art”, co-authored with Scott Mitchell and Thom Scott-Philips, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 2019

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Untangling Knots: Art, Communication, and Practice in Knot Theory Diagramming”, Journal for Humanistic Mathematics, 2019.

Strange Tools Indeed: Alva Noë and Art as Reorganisation.” Essays in Philosophy (on-line), 2018.

Mathematics, manifest: a review of Mathematics: the Winton Gallery”, Bulletin for the British Society for the History of Mathematics, 2017

Book chapters

“Hushed Tones: Art and Ceremony as a Perspective Shifter”, co-authored with Scott Mitchell, in Beyond Meaning, Eds. Ifantidou, E., Saussure, L. and Wharton, T. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2021.

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

Making Sense of the Incomprehensible: A Serendipitous Encounter with Naivety as a Tool for Telling Tales in Troubled Times”, AISB 2018 Symposium: Cybernetic Serendipity Reimagined, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom, April 4th-6th 2018, co-authored by Majed Al-Jefri and Kate Monson. Winner of Best Paper award.

Reimagining the Mathematical Paper”, Proceedings of Bridges 2018: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (forthcoming)

Why Do Mathematical Presentations Sometimes Sound Like Cookery Shows?” in Proceedings of Bridges 2016: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture. Eds Eve Torrence, Bruce Torrence, Carlo H. Séquin, Douglas McKenna, Kristóf Fenyvesi, and Reza Sarhangi. Tessellations Publishing, 2016. Pp. 591–594

Shape in Mathematical Discourse, As Observed by an Artist Explorer” in SHAPES 2015: Proceedings of the Third Interdisciplinary Workshop SHAPES 3.0. Eds. Oliver Kutz, Stefano Borgo and Mehul Bhatt,, 2016. Accessed 18 October 2016. Pp. 75-80.

Linguistic Oddities: An Artist Explorer at Mathematics Conferences” in Proceedings of Bridges 2015: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture, Eds. Kelly Delp, Craig S. Kaplan, Douglas McKenna, and Reza Sarhangi. Tessellations Publishing, 2015. Pp. 503–506

Catalogues edited

Bridges Art Exhibition Catalog, years 2014-2018. Edited by Conan Chadbourne, Robert Fathauer, Katie McCallum, and Nathan Selikoff. Tessellations publishing.