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CORRESPONDENCE was an exhibition with components in physical and virtual realities, exploring how new technologies can promote the accessibility of the arts and change our idea of a public space. Sixteen artists worked together to make an exhibition at Prestamex House, mirrored by a virtual version in Second Life. This version ran in parallel but without the need to be constrained by the laws of physical reality; the real exhibition also appeared on the internet in a second iteration relayed back by a roaming spybot, each version of the show having properties that the other lacked.

The show’s physical component took place in a reclaimed office space by Preston Park, and it is still represented online at a Second Life location and at

February 2015

The show features the work of:

Louis d’Aboville
Helen Cann
Sam Carvosso
Ralph Dorey
Jane Frances Dunlop
Graham Dunning
Rowan Forestier
Anthony Gartland and Andrew Paveley
Alex Glass
James Hedges
Jacob V Joyce
Miki Kaspruk
Katie McCallum
Nic Seymour-Smith
Llew Watkins