Projects with Elisabeth Jones Art Center

I coordinated two large projects with the Elisabeth Jones Art Center in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.

International Mural by Mail

The International Mural by Mail is a project that gives artists the opportunity to network and communicate visually with other artists on a global scale.

This project brings together artists from opposite ends of the world in a creative visual collaboration. We worked with artists from Zambia to Indonesia to Venezuela, sending large-scale drawings back and forth between us through the mail, which eventually became 8ft x 16ft murals. Working together in this way allows us to have conversations that are visual as well as verbal, allowing us to make deep, complex connections with collaborators in very different places.

The View from Here

With the world in “lockdown”, the Elisabeth Jones Art Center proposed a project that made and nurtured connections between artists, sharing a little of the world as they saw it in a creative, re-interpretive exchange. Through our national and international connections, we introduced two artists to each other. The artists shared with one another something of the view from here—the world as they were experiencing it in that chaotic time—each taking that view and responding with a re-seeing, a reinterpretation.

Even in the isolation of lockdown we can still make amazing art together, communicating by making and shaping artwork, the exchange itself an exploration of possibilities in expressing ideas, feelings, and points of view by artistic process.