To the nth Degree

In this experiment I designed three tasks that ask participants to work together and with a variety of representations on tasks that orbit a list of phrases that are very close in meaning but different in wording. The nearness of essential meaning pushes the site of activity away from the concepts and toward the particulars of representation and the cooperative negotiations of the participants.

This was run as a workshop at Pacific University with a group of mixed students and faculty from Art and Mathematics departments.

[1]      Inside out
[2]      Through and through
[3]      From top to bottom
[4]      Up and down
[5]      From beginning to end
[6]      To the end
[7]      In toto
[8]      To the nth degree
[9]      All the way
[10]    In entirety
[11]    To the max
[12]    Without omission
[13]    In full