Wild Ceramics

A recent, amateur project of mine has been learning to dig, process and pit-fire clay from the Oregon soil. This page is to share the process and useful resources with others.

You can see some of the things I’ve made on my instagram.

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How to dig and process clay: part 2

Once you have dug some soil, the next stage is to dry it out, completely. This is very important! Spread it out in a tray. Leave it for several days to really dry out. When it is completely dry, you can slake to mush. Add water to your very dry soil (it might help if…

How to dig and process clay: part 1

PART 1: acquiring the clay There’s a *lot* of great clay around Oregon. I first started on this mission because I found some veins of perfect, thick, sticky grey clay on our land, and it just looked like what you’d buy in a bag from a craft supply shop. I met a ceramicist once who…