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This is the blog on which I document an ongoing research project investigating the links and parallels between the diverse disciplines of art and mathematics. I am focusing on the languages that we construct in each field, each with their subtleties, limitations and strange properties.



In collaboration with Heli Clarke

0. To unsay is not the same as to be silent. To cover or to obscure is still a positive action; a symbolic gesture toward emptiness made by addition. Layers and layers are built up by a collective decision not to say, not to do, that this is not what we want and this is not what we believe. So we construct our streets and the square corners serve for nothing more than to allow the eye to slide undisturbed from one side to the other side of the shaded greys. To be silent is not the same as to unsay.

1. What you cannot efface you must cancel by addition. Your decision to attempt to silence this thing makes you add to the work. I like it because it feels like justice against your policing of space. And if we decide only to mimic you, to say the thing you use to unsay us: then we prove, silently, that you will never be able to keep us quiet.


Collaborative work with Guido Sikkink, September 2011 – November 2012

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