Representation and Abstraction, School of CEM, February 27th – March 2nd, 2018. An exhibition of work from my developing artist’s ethnography of communication in research mathematics, a creative project exploring the interpersonal, material and situated aspects of mathematical work. This exhibition also showcases the culmination of a short project bringing undergraduates in fine art and in mathematics together, presenting a record of the encounter and their conversations. Featuring Tasneem Arif, Barney Brock, Rachel Brooks, Lucy Papadopoulos, Jacob Talkowski and Stephanie Tsoukala

SURFACE AND KNOWLEDGE, August 2016. This was a presentation of work from two related MRes projects, mine and Jesse Benjamin’s, at ONCA gallery in Brighton.
(IN)COMMENSURABLE, December 2015. This exhibition is the product of five encounters between art and the strange world of mathematics, that edifice of symbols, complex structures and bizarre new logics that underpins so much of today’s world. Each artist takes their own distinct approach, exploring its symbolic languages, cultural edifices and generative powers in a varied, multi-sensory show.
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CORRESPONDENCE, February 2015. CORRESPONDENCE was an exhibition with components in physical and virtual realities, exploring how new technologies can change our idea of a public space. Sixteen artists were in this exhibition at Prestamex House, mirrored by a virtual version in Second Life, each version of the show having properties that the other lacked. See more at
SCALE, February 2013. An interactive exhibition exploring relativity and perspective at Art Nouveau, Brixton. My collaborator on this project, Jacob V Joyce, is a fantastic emerging artist whose work combines activisms, arts and marginalised narratives.

Every year, I co-curate the annual exhibition of the Bridges Conference for Mathematics and the Arts, with full responsibility for the physical hanging of a show that last year featured 115 international artists showing nearly 200 works of art. I have curated shows at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, the University of Baltimore, Maryland, the famous Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul, and the University of Waterloo, Canada.